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For the past two years, my wife, son, and I have been treated by Ms. Julie Yu, and have been very satisfied with the care. She is a very knowledgeable lady that takes the time to understand the needs of the person that is in need of treatment. My wife has been multiple times. She had been told that she needed surgery on her knee, and possible knee replacement. She also suffers from a bladder condition called interstitial Cystitis. She received a great deal of relief from both ailments when getting treatments from Ms. Yu. My son is a disabled adult that has a great deal of atrophy in his legs, and also suffers from allergies. He went to Julie on many occasions for treatment of both, and we were always satisfies with the care. 

The most recent was prior to an oral surgery procedure from which he recovered remarkably quickly. I had a work related back injury. For the past number of years, I have had discomfort in my legs, hips, and back. I had tried many things, and never got the relief I get when I receive treatments from Julie. 1 highly doubt that we will be able to find someone that not only has her expertise, who takes the time and has the patience that she has. -S.B.L.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and saw a huge improvement with just one treatment. I have worked in the medical industry and you don't always get to see some who not only enjoys what she does, and is good at it, but someone who connects with the patient. Julie did everything in her power to not only make sure you felt better while in her care, but you were comfortable. I believe that one of the reasons she's so good at what she does is because she strives to help you reach your optimum health. I wish Julie the best of luck in the future. She will truly be missed in southern California, but will be a benefit to all who get the privilege of getting treatment from her. - M.M.

All Care Acupuncture
All Care Acupuncture

I am a very skeptical person, especially with things that are not always the norm. So when I visited Dr. Yu I was not sure if her treatments were going to work, but I was desperate. I had been suffering with hypoglycemia and depression for years, and no therapist or doctor could help me.  After several treatments, I started feeling much better.  My life is different now and it is thanks to her.  I am grateful to God everyday for placing her in my path. My glucose is normal and my depression medication is a 1/3 of what I used to take. My doctor and I are now discussing full stop of the medication and it is thanks to Dr. Yu’s therapy!